Soft-A PRO Solutions

Why you need to automate your restaurant business?

POS solution helps you

  •     Minimize financial loss caused by fraudulent staff
  •    Reduce the risk of human mistakes
  •    Reduce the number of manual operations and, accordingly, the number of employees
  •    Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of each employee’s work
  •    Reduce costs resulting in more profit

POS solution provides you

  •    All the necessary statistics for competent enterprise management
  •    Smart Inventory control
  •    Comprehensive financial reports

With Soft-A PRO you will be fully focused on your main goal - providing improved hospitality services, while the application takes care of the rest.


Soft-A PRO ApplicationSoft-A PRO Application

The application is a POS solution conforming to standards, where you can integrate POS equipments like magnetic card readers, touch screen terminals and thermal printers.

Server side application is working on Windows OS (Windows 10 or Windows Server). As a database we are using Microsoft SQL Server 2019 or higher versions.

Express Editions might be as an option but consider limitations.

Client side application (aka Front Office) can be installed on Windows OS and and executed from mobile devices running on any OS.

Front Office application is available for Android, IOS and Windows



Commit orders, process transactions and generate reports without delay


Give your employees 30 minutes and they will know to how to deal with the application


Manage roles and access levels across the whole team


Always have a backup plan which suites your business


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Basic
  • Remote Support
  • Web App No
  • Client PC Support 2
  • Support 08:00 - 18:00
  • $25

  • Basic +
  • Remote Support
  • Web App Yes
  • Client PC Support 3-5
  • Support 08:00 - 23:00
  • $40

  • Premium
  • Remote Support
  • Web App Yes
  • Client PC Support 5+
  • Support 24 Hours
  • Contact us for details


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